4 Days Till… MR3k (Exclusive Giveaway!)

Hello. Good evening.

Life has been up the wall for me lately. I guess I am just joining the adult society, huh?

The differences between being a high school student and a young adult college student have never been more obvious to me than before.

Don’t forget that I have been dealing with ongoing roommate stress and the stress of being a college student & student leader.

It all works out according to God’s plan, but for now I have to live in reality and try to make that reality as healthy and fancy as possible.

4 Days till MR3k! We are lit you guys. My wonderful MentorshipRevolution Comnunity, friends, family, and supporters.

This journey has been one full of following dreams and vision. Starting from dirt scratch, and allowing God to steer the direction of what is my first business ever.

I know we have a long way to go as we care to sustain minds and lives in today’s ever changing and revolving world.

The mission will continue to be about caring for in all and every way possible minds and lives. There are hundreds of ways, there are thousands of ways. Focus, focus, focus.

I announced MR’s second giveaway ever. We will start the giveaway as soon as this website reaches 3,000 views. Once the website has reached 3,000 views I the founder will make this public announcement on every platform MR has.

From there I will begin the giveaway. The purpose of this giveaway is to of course acknowledge the growth and prosperity MR has seen thus far. With all of our main supporters, acknowledgers, and subscribers being included in the recognition.

We are doing it big here.

I asked what you all wanted in this giveaway, and of course I didn’t receive any response. So, I the leader take it into my hands to decide.

MR’s Second Giveaway Ever Gift Options

– Gift cards $25 ( Barnes& Noble, Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden, Amazon, or Biglots) or

– If you are in the Halloween Spirit ( which I think of as eating, celebrating with friends, laughing, having fun, dressing up crazy) I will purchase/send you candy, snacks, drinks, etc worth $25 straight to your door.

That is it for the giveaway gift options! Of course you have to enter the giveaway in order to be the lucky individual selected for one of the cool gifts above, and this is what you must do to enter.

1. You must be subscribed to this website MentorshipRevolution.com or if not yet subscribed, go ahead and reach for that subscribe button on the homepage.

2. You must like at least 5 posts that have been written and published on this website. Start now!

3. You must comment on at least 3 posts that have been published on this website. Pretty easy since this website contains a variety of content, information, and interests.

4. Did you know we are on Facebook? Yes we are. Find us at mentorship. Type into the search engine on Facebook. Once you find us you just thumbs up our page and follow us.

5. Did you know we have our very own podcast? Yes we do! And you must follow us so I will put the link right here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/10695358

6. I have another awesome blog that I write on a long with a friend. You must follow this blog, here is the link: https://houseofempowerment.home.blog/

7. Share something of MentorshipRevolution on your Facebook page. Heck, tell the world we are doing a giveaway and they are invited to enter! I call this the Share MentorshipRevolution Challenge.

These are the 7 criteria I need you to fulfill for you to enter into the giveaway. The Giveaway will likely be open well into November so you can use your time to do the 7 as wise as you like.

If you are selected as the giveaway winner I will need this information from you: whole name, age, how you found MR, one word to describe this organization, your current home address for me to send the gift, your email, and that is all I can think of at this moment. All information is confidential.

Okay, I have announced the giveaway for MR3k, shared the criteria that must be completed to enter, and the information that I will need to send the gift to the 1 lucky winner.

I must warn you that the sooner you enter the giveaway the higher the chances of you being that 1 lucky winner, and I will give you a highlight on the MR platform.

If this is your first time visiting the website we are marching towards MR3k and you can become a part of this movement!

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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