Finding Product Market Fit & More

Hello & TGIF!

There are so many content creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators that are showing up and being made in this moment in today’s world.

This isn’t an all bad thing nor an all good thing. We have to weed out what is for us and what we could care less about.

There is this YouTuber by the name of Alston Ezra Clark. He is an alumni of Howard University, and resides still in D.C.

I recommend you to check out his most recent video that he posted today about finding product market fit:

Product Market Fit is very important in today’s world of hustle and competition. We must not be discouraged though and for all of us brave enough we can find a place for us in the product market.

2 years ago I would have never imagined myself being emerged in the product market. But look where I stand now!

Please click or copy and paste the link above to see what Alston is doing through his YouTube channel. His major in college was computer engineering so his videos on technology will be very informative and helpful.


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