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Hello. Good morning.

Happy Fall Break College Students.

We have made it to October, and hasn’t it been a breeze? (Not really, huh?)

I created this super cute message for all college students entering Fall Break. Because we deserve to be recognized. So you can check that out whenever you like.

Today I have been able to write on my other co-ran blog The House of Empowerment.

It is very different than this website you guys, which is why I ask that you go check it out and follow.

The work we are doing is incredible, and the messages we are sharing with the world internationally. The incredible individual I run this blog with is my friend Khanyisile who lives in South Africa.

We both are believers and sisters in Christ. So we produce work as God-fearing individuals.

I think that is very important. I know that is very important, not removing your foundation.

Here is the link:

I promise you will not regret following this blog, and I hope you will add us to your list of daily/weekly reads.

God bless you, and enjoy your Saturday.


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