MR’s Weekly Challenge (12)

Good morning!

My morning hasn’t started yet completely, but I am getting things pumping by being right here right now, right?

It is time for a new weekly challenge among our beautiful community. A challenge that can inspire and motivate all of us individually and collectively.

MR’s Weekly Challenge 12: Live life your way

That sounds fun. Living life our way and shedding all the opinions, thoughts, and ideas that block liberty and freedom within ourselves and in the rest of the world.

Because often I feel the urge or need to do something bold, and of course I have to do it alone because that is another fact of life- we do have to learn to live life inside/out and not outside/in.

There isn’t anything wrong with having fun with friends and building fundamental relationships, but I love my alone time..

After spending time alone on a daily basis ( I was the only kid around my home) over a course of many years I have been able to learn a lot as a young woman.

To the point where I seek out the comfort of being able to hear myself think, and simply enjoy the silence of being alive. Sometimes I do fear the silence might cave in, because in some parts of the world being quiet all the time is deemed not normal and us young people are told we should just make noise🔊

Anyways, this week the challenge is to live life your way!!!!

This doesn’t have to be hard in living out. Simply tune into your self the best you can in the present moment and situation you are in. Cut off anything that demands constant attention or makes constant noise. Change up the music you normally listen to, and switch it for something more calm (soothing) or may be you need more excitement.

Change has to be made in order for you to be deliberate about the life you choose to live. Remember, it is your life..

The challenge is on.



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