Happy SuperSoulSunday!

How did you celebrate your Sunday, or how did you spend this Sunday?

Whatever answer you have is fine.

Of course I have a SuperSoulSunday message on this Sunday evening☺

Title of SuperSoulSunday Message: The Process is for you.

I know this title isn’t one of those titles that say much by just the mere repeating of it. That is how I want it to be.

This weekend I spent much needed time with my family ( real family), and it was a great feeling.

I laughed more than I have all year this weekend, which means some sparks were released.

I know we are talking about trusting the process and ourselves in the affirmation series. This SuperSoulSunday will expound on this subject matter.

When I say the process I am referring to this life, consciousness in this physical reality, and the time that makes up the beginning till what is the ending.

Let me reiterate. The Process: Life, consciousness, reality, beginning-end.

So, where are you in the process? Remember, we have been granted the right to control the process to a large extent and to some degree take advantage of the what process is here to offer.

Thank God you are in the process right now, and while the process isn’t fairytale at all for most of us at least we have the privilege to be and become since the process was gifted to us.

The Process is for you.

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Happy SuperSoulSunday, and blessings❤


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