Important PSA📢

Hello, Good morning!

I am still not up yet. Thank God I can afford to still be in bed right now.

We are in the first day of October. 2020 is right around the corner. Which means my 20th year celebration of life is too.

I hope you have been able to read the Monthly Question Column for September, I think it is a must read. In it I go into depth about the vision God has for your life, our lives.

In this PSA announcement I must let you know that MR’s Monthly Newsletter 16th Edition for September will leap into October.

I think you all can understand, and I apologize for the inconvenience. Who knows, someone may could have been looking forward to reading it.

My obligations list is piled up to the roof the ceiling, so I am learning very well how to balance and use time wisely.

I forgot to mention I had a cold all weekend, which has led to me feeling a little down in the dumps physically.

Welp, I have more coming. ❤



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