Words on Restlessness.

Hello, good morning!

I had a cold this weekend so my system has been thrown off.

I am recovering, thank God. But to be honest I take pride in the fact that I rarely ever get sick so this cold was not it at all for me.

Anyway, it could have been worse symptoms.

Yesterday SuperSoulSunday message was on Restlessness.

In case you never got the chance to read it, I am sharing it again.

Words on Restlessness

Today’s Message Will Be Real:

Have you ever felt fed up? Sick and tired?

Sometimes we feel this way. We can just be going about our daily lives, and all of a sudden we find ourselves drained.

Being drained is not the expectations anyone would have, and being drained is not where we should ever want to stay.

They say it is a reason for everything. When we find ourselves tired, fed up, or drained we need to focus on our ‘system’.

Make some changes, get rid of some stuff, face your current reality- instead of being in denial, commit to more rest and less work, learn to protect your space.

Balance the things you commit to doing with the things you do for yourself. Too often we think our minds/bodies/and energies run on instant fuel. That can lead to us living on the edge, which is never recommended.

Starting today take a look at yourself, reflect on where you are and where you see yourself going, turn off the technology, and go AWOL. Pray for balance and restoration.

Did you like what you just read?

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