I challenge you….

Hello! I know it has been awhile since I posted MR’s Weekly Challenge, which I apologize.

These challenges are important, especially to the platform. As the founder of MentorshipRevolution these challenges I create weekly are inspired by the life I am living and the people and world around me.

These are not triple/double dare you or truth or dare stunts that rely on enforcing taking a risk, despite the loss that is involved. The challenges you will find among MR’s Weekly Challenges are meant to tug at the potential within you, and inspire you to go out and live a life that empowers your identity in as many ways as possible.

As the founder of this community I must be living by the same message I have been told to preach, and that is why these challenges are a beautiful part of the MR platform.

So, what challenge do I have for us this week?

I want to challenge us to defy the odds. Plain, simple, potent.

Whether we realize it not many of us have defied the odds more ways than we can count throughout our lifetime. I know I have!

I have defied the odds, and the Lord is my witness. That is why I must keep defying the odds because I know I can. I am an overcomer and I have every right to dethrone those powers that try to come against me and my success ( or the success of those I love).

So, I ask you to defy the odds starting now. I know you have been doing it already, which is why you are reading this message in the moment. Know this: Now you are standing with 100+ people among this community that will be working to defy the odds with you!

We don’t have to defy the odds alone. Come on and let’s go defy the odds the rest of this week, and this weekend.

The end of MR’s Weekly Challenge


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