SuperSoulSunday+ Sunday Message

Happy SuperSoulSunday! Happy SuperSoulSunday!

I had it made where I could deliver today’s SuperSoulSunday message in a photo background image made for quotes, but it doesn’t look like that is working as of now.

Therefore I will just present it within this format.

SuperSoulSunday Message: You Belong

You belong. You know that right? I just wanted to make sure you knew that, because the world will not let you know that. It is something that must be a gut feeling; you must believe in yourself. Go ahead and live life in your own big world, because you belong wherever God takes you.

Reflection on Today’s SuperSoulSunday

Today the Lord told me ( and by way asked) to speak about sense of belonging.

Yall, that really hits home with me. Because I have a long old story that deals with sense of belonging and how that can effect the routes you choose to take throughout your lifetime.

As a child I didn’t know what it was like to not belong, I felt pretty confident and comfortable in my home environment, school environment, and church. I was just really confident and sassy, lol.

But as I got up there in age around 10 or so I started to realize that I didn’t feel as comfortable in certain places like I had felt before. An internal and external struggle insued.

When this happens, there is a few things that can be addressed. Number one, as people we can outgrow things/people/places. Number two, as people we transition through different phases which result in us having to change or respond differently, and last but not least number three, as people we have to be firmly convinced that we belong wherever God has us in any season of our life. No one belongs there more than we do.

I know we live in a big world, and you aren’t the only one struggling with a sense of belonging or finding a place to settle down ( whether temporary or long- term). Just make sure you know that you belong, and you never have any reason to feel like you have to be unsettled or uncomfortable in your own skin.

Happy SuperSoulSunday! Remember, we all have a place we belong in this season God has us in.


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