Trust=Self Belief.

Lets talk

It is time we talk about this month’s affirmation series theme: Trust Yourself & The Process! You all may have assumed I forgot all about it, but that isn’t possible.

We are doing a lot right now on this platform. That is the best news, but it also requires a lot of balance. Right now I am instructing The Vision Board Course, this month’s affirmation series, and don’t forget the other big stuff like The MR Podcast. Not to mention it is due time I record/publish a new episode.

I am very excited about that, and I have known for a while what the next episode would be dedicated to. May I reveal?

I will either title the next episode Those who Make Good Mentors or Who Can Mentor. Do lookout for that episode coming really soon!

Life is Real

We must begin trusting ourselves and the process!

It is essential to each one of us being love, whole, and powerful.

There will be times of lack, suffering, and struggle. That is inarguable. It could be now or later in your life.

But the value of affirmations is that you have the ability to say what you want, ask for you want, and you deserve to enjoy life in the present.

If you fail to trust yourself you will continue to suffer, because not trusting yourself creates limitation and lack.

Not trusting yourself is a deep topic, but we have to cover it in this current Affirmation Series.

Not trusting yourself can show up as lack of confidence, lack of happiness, lack of self-love, and lack of self belief.

Iyanla Vanzant, who I saw live in July of this year has written an entire book on Trust. She is incredible in her storytelling/ and gift to lead and guide others on this life journey .

The title of her book which seeks to clarify trust and which I encourage you to get for yourself is “Trust: Mastering the 4 Essentials.”

Here is a link to the book:

If you are like me you love reading, researching, writing, and growing in knowledge/wisdom/intellect. Reading can be helpful in expanding your mind, brain, and ability to understand the important things in life and about life in general.

If you are in need of more resources on trust since in September we are doing this affirmation series, let me know. I definitely can help you head in the right direction.

Have you ever heard of the person that trusts no one? The person that will admit themselves they have trust issues. I think we need to talk more about why that is, how that is, and how it looks in real life.

To be Continued.


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