Morning Message 🖐

Good morning!

This morning’s greeting was likely a surprise for your eyes.

It set off a different tone with me warning you not to get mad at other people, and to instead let them be.

Being an adult is a full time job, which you begin to learn around the ages 18-21.

Sitting around mad and brooding doesn’t change the individual (s) and you don’t begin to feel better about life.

So, the best way to move forward is to let people be.

Or maybe this is just one of the methods I tote around in my tool box.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Do You

Yep, it is simple as that. Do you baby!

You know my very own grandmother had the nerve to tell me that summer, and Lord knows that was funny.

I guess that is everyone’s favorite catchphrase nowadays.

We seriously live in a world today where everyone does what they want, and a lot of times oblivious to the cares and concerns of others.

Being that I am only 19 years old I am still discerning how much good/bad this ideology is producing in today’s current world ( or even studying how it has been displayed throughout history since the beginning of time).

It leaves plenty of room for us to find freedom, pleasure, excitement, and indulgence. But what happened to good ol’ relationships and sanctity?

Anyway, as my grandmother told me a few months ago before I returned to school “Keep Doing You”, and if you are not doing you or unsure how to do you there is plenty of time to make room and start.

So, today and everyday going forward I will do Hannah. You can bet on that.

Note: I hope today’s morning message was inspiring and insightful. It has been a few days since I last written on ny website blog, and I believe this will be refreshing. Remember we are on the way to #MR3000! There is no stopping us😊

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