Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust Yourself & The Process ( Let’s Talk)

So, in September 2019 we are currently on Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust Yourself & The Process!

Can we start with an ice cream cone?

This title is where it is at. It is so important, and crucial. Trust is a command and staying the process is also a command.

As we look a bit deeper we begin to notice more and more that both trust and the process of life we are each in are very intertwined. Let’s not forget the trust we have in ourselves and our capabilities.

We must not just look at trust on the surface. It is automatic for us to tell ourselves and others “I think I trust myself.” But if we look beneath the surface layers we see how we all have dealt with times and stages in our lives that did a lot to intimidate our ability to trust.

Let’s not pretend trust is always easy and natural. It might be for us the younger we are, but as we get older trust isn’t as instinctive and we have to learn to apply trust the wise way..

In this series we will get back on the road to trusting ourselves and the process we are in with life. I will carefully break down that get back on the road part. Many of us may already be confident that we are on this road and have been there a decent length of time. That is great!

Those that should join this series can be beginners or experienced ones. MR welcomes each individual to come as they are, and if you are new this is the recurring affirmation series.

September, 2019 actually makes a year for MR’s Affirmation Series. I am in celebration mode, so let me think about ways we can celebrate🎉

Reflecting on how it all started is one way, and I will create a contents page that will allow us to look back on each part of the affirmation series thus far.


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