Vlog: A College Student Grocery Shopping at Publix ( It has been a long week…)

Hello! TGIF.

Fun fact: Today I wore my Friday shirt! I celebrate Friday in style, lol.

Helpful tip for college students: Don’t drop your fashion self in college. I know we are tired and all over the place, but boost your appearance every now and then.

Today I caught an uber and I finally made it to the grocery store. You all don’t know how much this means to me.

In a week it would be a month in my 2 year at/in University. Since being back in school I hadn’t had one opportunity to visit the grocery store, but today was the day.

Why not create a little mini vlog, and show my people how this particular grocery shopping experience was.

This was my first time grocery shopping at this particular store Publix, but this store is A1 guys👍

In particular they have an array of selections that I am not use to back home grocery wise, and they have all the organic and smart diet products you could ask for.

Do you all shop at Publixs? Have you ever visited at least once? You should!

Here is a little insider into what I got:

Belvita (✔) Apples (✔) Home seasoned Collards (✔) Salmon (✔) Buffalo Chicken Dip (✔)
Do you all love this like I do it? I first tasted this particular food/snack during my high school years.
Got to have my organic apples, baby.

Now that is partly how that went. I am patting myself on the back, because I could have just went to Chick fil a for a sandwich. Instead I invested time and energy into myself and my health.

Hopefully this week I can focus more on our Vision Board Course. Thank you all for the 100+ likes/follows on Facebook! Much love and appreciation❤

Now let’s accomplish #MR3000!


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