MR is on Facebook, by the way.


Good morning. Hopefully you were able to see the Greetings post we published this morning. We post that quite often now.

Today I have been doing fine. We have to be careful to enjoy the days, right?

MR is finally at 100 likes/follows on our Facebook page!

If you visit the homepage to this website you can see the link to our Facebook page. If you can go there and like/follow!

The Facebook page is maintained really well, and I plan on expanding our platform there.

I juggle so many avenues regarding Mentorshiprevolution that my focus can never focus on one sole project or platform. It is all about balance and priority when managing a business ( online or offline).

I also am working on The MR Podcast. I have been on absence since August, but I have some good things in store for our radio platform when I finally do return.

The script is perfect, but I have been working on generating spicier topics of discussion and concentration.

So, make sure you are following The MR Podcast + we are on platforms like Spotify, Iheartradio, Google Podcasts, and Castbox!

Not too long ago we finally reached over 100 plays, which I am very happy about. I know we are only beginning, and there is plenty of time left for this community to grow and prosper!

Here is the link to our podcast:



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