Morning Message🌟

Good morning!

Isn’t today a beautiful day? Everyday can be a beautiful day, but we have to maintain a positive mindset to see that. Otherwise we can’t enjoy the beauty in being alive at this moment.

I started turning my worst days into my best days in high school, likely before that during my middle school days.

It is a habit that I have never regreted, and I never will regret. We can talk about that more later!

Today, I have a morning message I have to give! Isn’t that a blessing? Yes, it is.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Don’t Be Dull.

I know that title caused you to jump, right? I admit it is kind of humorous, but it gives room for genuine talk.

Is it just me or it is easy for life to feel dull nowadays? We live in an increasingly changing and sometimes uncomfortable world.

We have to be careful not to become panicky, afraid, and quieted ( unable to speak up when it counts).

If so we risk becoming dull and we no longer have the same power and ignition that we started with or have the potential to own.

Plus as we get older life doesn’t get easier, we just have to get stronger. It is a well known fact that we will deal with trials and tribulations, loss, and complication.

But remember you are not dull, and you must avoid becoming dull! Lol. Just a little wisdom and humor for your morning & day.

I, myself have to utilize my sense of humor, because Lord knows what I have dealt with in life and still deal with.

Overall though I am happy and I don’t feel I live on the dull side. We all are human and imperfect on our own. So, I am not saying we have to be perfect. But feeling dull is very depressing.

I hope this morning message blessed you, and that you will be encouraged.

Great day.



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