The Course Folder Is Getting Thick🗂


It has been a long day.

I finally made it home less than an hour ago, and for that I can’t complain.

Today I was excited to receive two packages sent to me, which I will be sharing with you guys ( in a video).

One of the packages was sent by Influenster. Which if you are technology savvy or social media savvy you might have heard of this company before. Well, I have the privilege of being a partner with this company and just by making an account and being a member I receive free boxes full of goodies and products.

It is legit, and I haven’t came across any company similar to this that is actually legit. But I swear that this company really sends you free products, and all you must do is sample them and share your reviews online.

The first voxbox I received in August included Zendaya’s Lancome perfume, which is kind of big. I was one of the first people to receive this particular perfume, and it was for free.

Stay tuned for the opening of my second voxbox from Influenster!

The course folder for the Vision Board Course is getting thick everyone🎉

Today I set aside time while working my office job to research and locate credible sources and tools for the Vision Board Course.

Right now organization, planning, and scheduling is very important as I conduct this course. But otherwise all is solidified!

Have you signed up for the Vision Board Course that is only $4.99? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into the purpose and possibilities when creating a vision board!

I believe we all should have a vision board that is currently relevant and inspiring. So, come join Mentorshiprevolution as we embark on this course.

Send an invitation to all your friends and family to at the same time.


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