This morning I have already shared the SuperSoulSunday Message for this Sunday.

The message will bless your entire day and weekend. It is based on setbacks, but the approach I give to understanding and dealing with setbacks will offer you insights that you will never forget.

Now, let’s get to the subject of this articleđź‘Ž

Recently Mentorshiprevolution had the privilege of celebrating 1,000 visitors. It was a happy time for both me as the founder of this organization, and you guys because you are the friends, family, and worldwide supporters who show interest and belief in this organization.

I have previously announced that we will soon be hitting 3,000 views to this website/blog. It has already been a year since the time I first started Mentorshiprevolution, and that means we have come a long way but we must go much further!

I am starting #MR3000. Sounds pretty obvious what that hash tag means, right?

Well, I want this hashtag to represent Mentorshiprevolution on the way to 3,000 web views.

Frankly said others will never hear about Mentorshiprevolution if they don’t cross paths with our website, content, mission statement, or information.

That is why you must be part of the unity that involves cheering us on, and spreading the word.

Start sharing any of the 288 posts on this website, and don’t forget to hashtag #MR3000!


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