Happy SuperSoulSunday🙏

Good morning!

Today is SuperSoulSunday, and that means soon we will be entering this cycle of a new week all over again.

Did it feel like this weekend passed in a lightning flash? Sometimes I can’t even remember what I did on certain days, because it feels like one day faded into the next day.

That is an interesting feeling or observation, because the truth is in life we don’t get any pauses or breaks in time. Though it is still our responsibility to tenderly care for the mind and soul, making sure it gets rest and replenished.

Is Sunday the day you prefer to do that? Hey, it might be Saturday for you?

Today’s SuperSoulSunday Message will be delivered in this format instead of my other favorite delivery which is the quotes creator theme.

A quick fact is that I have been using that since I started my business Mentorshiprevolution, and I love that app. It has more designs and textures than I count for me to use + it is very affordable.

SuperSoulSunday Message: What has been your biggest setback thus far in the journey of life?

Normally, I like to uplift us and use spiritual themes, especially for a SuperSoulSunday.

But I have to remain pure in heart, and this thought or question is on my mind and heart right now.

It is true that most adults have dealt with at least 1,2, or 3 setbacks in their life journey. These setbacks often depend on where we come from, what we have been through, or who we are.

Setbacks can be unique in there relation or they can be what is expected. All setbacks are the same in that they present struggle for us to move forward into abundance, and they are constricting and limiting.

Today I want to highlight the form of setback that you must not be unaware of. If you are a spiritualist or Christian like myself than you must know that sometimes God will set us back. Yes, God will set you back!

It is important that you realize the difference between a normal setback caused by you or the world vs a setback God is allowing.

Remember that question we started this message which? What has been your biggest setback thus far in the journey of life?

Hopefully you have kept that question in your foremind all throughout the message.

It is time for you to decide what are the setbacks in your life that were meant to be periods of lessons and struggles vs those setbacks in which God was protecting you, humbling you, and teaching you.

Be careful how you view setbacks. Setbacks are usually temporary, but as human beings we are wired to be runners, chasers, and demanders.

While some setbacks are not good ones, and at worst tragic and debilitating.

I say a special prayer for you on this SuperSoulSunday that you can realize your setbacks, and come to peace with them as you move forward on this beautiful and timely journey called life.

Happy SuperSoulSunday!!


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