Morning Message🖐

I am a very busy lady. This semester of my year I will be taking 5 college courses that are junior level, I am a Course Assistant, I have two jobs so I am working 8 hours a week now (hours could possibly increase), I am on the debate team and we will start traveling anytime this semester or the next, and I could go on.

Just thought I should share my testimony as a current college student because I love the hard work I am putting in to be successful, but it does feel a little overwhelming. Which I know I am not alone, and I send a prayer up for all other college students past and present that can relate.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: You Will Make it Through Your Current Season

You will make it, you will make it.

Override all those doubts and voices that desire you to push back.

You can not be to great, so stop feeling guilty or ashamed because of who are you.

You will make it through your current season, and suddenly one day you will let all the b.z fizzle out. Life has a way of doing that. Things never remain the same way for long.

Hope is the virtue that it seems God graced his creation with, and plus you have mercy. Commit to healing if you have to, and let go of what is detrimental to your most holy self.

Keep moving, Keep igniting the flame that is your soul’s passion for living and you will make it through your current season.

The end.

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