Morning Message🌱

Good morning! It is Saturday, and we are all looking forward to weekends of fun, peace, and relaxation.

I have three on campus jobs now guys. I am taking advantage of these college years. Nothing good will slip by me because I was home inactive. Plus I am paying way to much money to be that foolish.

Keep me in your prayers as I start adulting.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Break away from limitation.

Does that title not sound good or what? I hear you pal, that title is outstanding.

Seriously we have to give fear and limitation a break. The hardest truth for anyone to bear is that they are holding themselves back. Well, are you holding yourself back? Are you telling yourself I can’t have this or I don’t qualify for this?

We can do what we believe we can do. We can have what we work hard for and ask for. We can live where we choose to live and we can go where we want to go.

Many days I feel that this adulting thing is complicated and I am barely just making it. On other days I feel like I am on a drug rush and I couldn’t be more blessed.

Though I thank God I have more high days than low, and I do very well at creating the best scenarios in my mind and life no matter what.

Once we start to break away from certain things, people, and places we begin to see what we are made of. There is nothing leaving us feeling like a dump of a person.

This newfound responsibility+freedom becomes a 24/7 routine that is no longer as intimidating and impossible as we once thought it was when we were locked in the house.

Get out there. Do something you want to do for once, even if you are doing it alone. Erase those false voices and fears that have new reasons everyday you shouldn’t be living an exciting, freedom-full, and adventurous life.

Break away from limitation.


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