The MR Podcast is back Pro & We Finally Have 100 Plays+

Hey everyone! Thank God for another great day to be living.

I published our Newsletter the 15th Edition a day or so ago. Please make sure you read it, and don’t miss all the information and good stuff I put within it.

Now that I am back in University full time I am juggling every aspect of life imaginable. Aren’t many of us?

I am excited to tell you all that The MR Podcast has finally reached over 100 Plays.

Isn’t this exciting news? I am so grateful for this platform that is reaching others on a mission to serve and inform.

We need to have more online/real world organizations and communities in the 21st century that has pure and specific plans and purpose to care for and recognize human lives.

There is so much that we can accomplish together rather than apart. We need to build up, comfort, strengthen, and support individuals, families, communities, and societies.

If you haven’t followed The MR Podcast, and gained access to all our enriching and enlightening radio I hate that you haven’t.

Here is the link for you to join us:

Did I forget to mention we are back Pro now? Yes, I am able to get back on that track of moving forward since I am gaining more financial independence and stability.

Expect to see a lot more and hear a lot more from The MR Podcast!

Don’t forget we are on Spotify, Iheartradio, Castbox, and GooglePodcast.


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