MentorshipRevolution Newsletter 15th EditionšŸ’„


It is about that time!

Today, I introduce MentorshipRevolution’s Newsletter- the 15th Edition.

It has been a journey guys. One that I wouldn’t forget or forsake for anything in this entire.

MentorshipRevolution is a whole movement. We are reaching minds and lives so that we can help ordinary people in this world, and bring the good news about being able to be apart of community, loving, and informed.

We don’t exclude anyone, which is why MentorshipRevolution is for every soul that can be reached and deserves to be reached.

Most businesses, organizations, and communities accept only a certain type of people or have a very specific audience.

Which, there is nothing wrong with wanting to reach specific people or audiences.

But, MentorshipRevolution represents A New Kind of Community in which everyone gets a chance to be loved, taught, heard, and represented.

I was just thinking the other day “Like, girl you have a whole website you have paid for, worked for, and you are dedicated to the process of reaching your goals.”

Along with that we have the Mentorship Program, Affirmation Series, Facebook outreach, The MR Podcast, email list, monthly question column, and monthly newsletter.

A few months ago (it doesn’t feel that long) I finally completed MentorshipRevolution’s business plan, which means I have written a tangible vision and purpose for MR that I can share with those who are willing to care, listen, and contribute.


On August 5, 2019 I announced I am giving away the M.A.S.T.E.R TOOL.

I truly recommend you purchase yours during the present 20% off sale, which means you are only paying $4 for this mastery tool.

It is likely one of the best investments you could ever make for yourself, and you will gain greater understanding and insight into what being a M.A.S.T.E.R means.

I think we are all capable of mastering life if we dig deep enough, and aim for commitment, loyalty, and success.

MR’s Mentorship Program

In June, 2019 MentorshipRevolution launched a new mentorship program. That time also just happened to be at the height of our 1 year anniversary.

After our first year I finally decided I was ready to start mentoring other individuals 1 on 1. In the beginning when I first started this organization I didn’t feel that urge to mentor, but my confidence has expanded and I believe serving as a mentor is me fulfilling an important part of my core calling.

So, if you have been looking for a personal mentor or know someone that could benefit from a mentorship relationship or connection shoot us an email.

MR doesn’t discriminate and we will serve all people of any age, race, color, and area or country in the world. There is a Revolution occurring here within this community, and that kind of revolution our world needs today.

Earlier in August I created a booking calendar, which allows you to set up your appointment or book your individual mentor session(s).

The Summer Grand deal allows you to book your first mentor session for free, and I think I will continue to do this even once the summer is over. No one wants to miss the opportunity of having a free meeting or sit down with a mentor!

Being honest I know that people are hesitant to hire or seek others as their mentor, which is normal and makes sense. We can’t trust any and everybody. That is partly why I offer free mentor sessions because there needs to be an introduction between two people meeting for the first time (mentor and mentee). There needs to be trust, comfort, connection, understanding, and listening. Book Your free mentor session with MR, and let me start mentoring you in whatever areas of life you feel the need.

Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It!

In August The MR Community has been in the midst of Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It!

Like a day or two ago I released this awesome guide that lists 10 practical but ideal ways to do what you love and how you can live the life you desire. It is password protected so you will only be able to access by contacting MR directly for password information. Also if you want this free guide, please become a subscriber and you can receive this awesome tool free of charge.

The message is as it says You Can Do It. I felt that I should dedicate an Affirmation Series to this subject, because we need to constantly encourage ourselves and others. That is the purpose of families, friends, neighbors, and human relationships in general.

You can live a life that is bigger than you ever imagined, but ultimately you must have a drive “I Can Do It” mindset. It is all in the mindset, and as they say everything else follows. The great thing about this community is that we care about minds and lives. Minds and lives are precious gems that must be treated well, tenderly, and polished. This is so each one of us can shine.

I invite you to join the Affirmation Series! We are soon approaching our 1 year anniversary, and we would love for others to receive these free/cost affordable tools for living.

Vision Board First View Access

Very recently I started a new small group within this community! That is the Vision Board First View Access.

I created my first vision board when I was like in Pre-k now that I think back on it. And I have always loved creating vision boards.

As a freshman in my high school year I created a vision board, which I still have on stand by. It was my vision for life more than 4 years ago. In 2020 that vision board will become 5 years old, and that is amazing.

It brings to mind: Did I stick to my vision? Did i let it lead me? Was I faithful? Did I try or did I master?

I know God has been amazing to me, and I know God sees my desire to follow him as a servant and be committed to the faith I have chosen deliberately.

Join us in the Vision Board First Access Small Group Community! We are brand new, but I have a huge vision in mind for all that we will accomplish and see happen among this small family.

The MR Podcast

If you haven’t followed The MR Podcast then what are you doing? It is way to easy to do, please stop stalling. Here is the link for you to follow and join us:

I have been creating good content lately, and it is making for good radio. I am seeing my own improvement in script, voice control, quality control, and confidence.

On The MR Podcast we cross all lanes. There is no limitations on this platform. But one thing we do stand for and will always stand for is catering to minds and lives. That is what we all have the ability to do.

Facebook Mentor Site

I am excited to announce that our Facebook page will soon achieve 100 likes! In only a few months over a year.

One thing you should know about me as the founder of this organization is that I take pride in small goals and big goals. As a matter of fact all goals are big and none are to small in the beginning!

If you haven’t liked the Facebook page or been able to explore it yet you can visit the home page of this website and do just that. On the Facebook page I have very valuable information, and there we are able to reach more of the masses to let them this organization exists!

Google Business

Did you know that MentorshipRevolution is now a certified Google Business? We don’t have a physical location, and I don’t see that is sight right now. But if you ever just pop “MentorshipRevolution” into your Google search engine it should be easy to find us. We are always one button and one dial away.

Smart Deals

On this website and platform I enjoy offering smart deals or providing information on what I call smart deals, which are present in the current market.

I post every month or so about Snack Nation. A company that believes in healthy and affordable snacks for individuals and businesspeople. You can purchase a 5 item snack box from this organization for only 5.99 or less!

Hello fresh is a company that believes in feeding the people, and will deliver fresh grocery store ingredients to your door so you can make some of the best meals ever made! They are based in the U.S.A, and they are international.

Black Forest Gummy bears are personally my now go to gummy bears. They come in a variety of colors and flavors. Most of all they can be brought organically.

Nutri-Grain bars are a nice and healthy snack for athletics, for on the job people, or anyone who wants a small snack. Just pack 1 or 2 and you can still snack as you are on the go.

Do you have anymore Smart Deal(s) ideas? MentorshipRevolution would love to hear them and share them. Email us at

Become a Team Member?

I propose an offer to you who is reading: Would you like to join the team of Someone like MentorshipRevolution?

The offer is there, but I would rather it come from a heart that is ready to proceed forth. If this opportunity to join the behind scenes of a business, network, organization, and community isn’t for you than scratch it. But if you feel the desire to contribute and support in some form, shape, or matter email us at

The End

I normally have a theme unit or subject matter I preach on in every newsletter, but I will be omitting that section in this current newsletter.

Right now I am a Junior on the way to her B.A in Psychology (hopefully a minor), I work 2 jobs on a college campus, I am a debate member, I am a kingdom worker, and I am pursuing my dreams in many other avenues.

Thank God for all the opportunities and network he has created in my life for the last year. Keep coming along with MentorshipRevolution as we cross borders and provide a net of comfort for minds and hearts. Much loveā¤

Please subscribe below and join this community of those on a mission to serve today’s minds and hearts.


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