Morning Message🌱


What’s up MR Community?

How has the morning been serving you so far? Good maybe, well, or fair?

For me it has been a fine one. I have completed one class for the day, and I am now in the library retreating before my next.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Chase Your Dreams (and make sure they are yours)

Chase you dreams.

Start now or when will you ever start.

Live in the present, and don’t take any moment for granted.

Appreciate life to the fullest. All of its craziness, unexpected, silliness, and the things we will never quite understand in totality.

How do you begin to chase your dreams? First, you must believe in yourself. As MR’s Affirmation Series Part 9 says, You Can Do It!

Once you begin to develop your self-esteem, confidence, and belief systems you will soar.

You must tap into your higher spiritual self.

Once you know you have the wings to fly you must start flying- or at least start practicing using your wings.

Be intentional. Be brave. Be you.

Give those dreams a shot. Don’t miss this one lifetime.

The end.



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