Morning Message🌱

Title of Today’s Morning Message:

Time is the most valuable resource

Good morning! It is time to start another beautiful day, and many of us have already begin to do that.

I am ready to send you another morning message. Hopefully you will add MR’s Morning Message (s) to your calendar for your must morning read or listen to (On some days I will feature these on The MR Podcast).

Today I want to speak about time being the most valuable resource. We all know money is often deemed the most valuable resource in the world. By some rights that isn’t arguable, but today I want to inform you that time is actually the most valuable resource any of us can have.

Every one of us started life at a specific point in time, and every one of us will depart this life at a specific time. This is why birthdays are such a big deal and tradition for all most everyone; we love to celebrate time and life.

Even though time is a very valuable and cherished commodity time can also cause stress and panic. Today we worry about being on time, and man has created digital clocks to always stay aware of the time. How would your days be like without an alarm or clock? Have you ever went a single day without checking your clock?

Since we all know that time is our most valuable resource we have responsibility to take advantage of the time God has given us. Don’t spend your days worrying about going back in time and never fear you have lost time or you are losing time. Instead start using the time you have now being present and happy!

This is the end of MR’s Morning Message for today, blessings.

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