Morning Message📻

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Go!

Good 🌄 . As you can notice my days are getting earlier and earlier. This means my days are getting longer and my nights are getting shorter. That is the major difference between a first year student vs an upperclassmen in college.

But I still will press on, and I will Go! Either I accommodate and adapt so I can keep going or I stop and give up, which gives me opportunity to find something that is less pressing.

Which brings me to today’s morning message: Go! In life we have to go ahead and get things done all the top. That isn’t such a bad thing, except the fact that we are suffering from energy shortage and I know I feel like it one moment, and then the next moment I am full of dread.

I wish I didn’t deal with energy shortage and dread. But I do, so I accept that decide what should I do next. If you are anything like me or a a lot of others I know you don’t like the feeling of feeling like you are lazy, half assed, or not doing enough.

On the otherhand the truth is I am enough, so I have the right to be human, imperfect, and still loveable at the same time. With all of this going on I still go, and you still go. Only those no longer living or on the downside knows what it is like to not go.

We are all trying to go everyday, fighting to go, struggling to go, praying to go, and working to go.

I encourage you to go forth and make your next best move. This time do it for the reason that you can and you have potential to show up just as you are. You are good enough, so keep going.


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