Snack Nation Has My Back (Box 1)

Hello MR Community, Friends, Family, and even those here for the first time🖐

I had a Morning Message for you all today (a new addition to the platform), but I got caught up in an orientation training from 9-5. Yep, a whole day of work.

Some people may know but some may not. Yesterday around 3 p.m. I arrived back at University after a long drive from my hometown.

Once I got here I picked up the keys to my new apartment, and headed straight to my mailbox/bookstore. I was able to catch a few of the books assigned for my courses, but there are still a few left I must buy.

Also I saw that I had Snack Nation Boxes, and another treat I will reveal hopefully soon on the website!

FYI I filmed two videos, which I wanted to upload those to reveal Snack Nation, but I had technical issues! My bad for those who prefer film/footage over photos.

Here is the 1st Snack Nation Box:

This is how the box look on the outside when it arrives.

When you buy a box you are blessing someone else!
5-6 wholesome snacks for only 5.99, and cheaper if you complete the surgery afterwards.

Well here is the end for this specific Snack Nation Box Review! Don’t forget to check out Snack Nation Box 2!

I really would love others to have the opportunity and convenience to try a company like Snack Nation, so I will share this easy link with you for you to be able to buy your own Snack Nation box:

If you have any questions or concerns don’t forget I can address them all in the comments.


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