Morning Message❤

Good morning ladies and gents, and the entire MentorshipRevolution Community!

We have been blessed with another day, thank God👏

Yesterday I released MR’s first Morning Message. I will be adding Morning Message to the website and platform. Sounds good☺

I have been up since 6:30, and I am now sitting in a break for orientation leader training. Sounds fun? This break has presented me the opportunity to give you a Morning Message for the soul.

Today I encourage you to be the only person you can ever be. Really the only person you know how to be, and for those who are good at guessing- that person is You.

Forget the rest.

Life will be way easier when we start finding the confidence and happiness to act naturally and don’t try copying and pretending.

Life is full of contradictions and confusions.

We are told to be ourselves, but then the world at every opportunity it can get demands us to come out of our shells and try new things.

Which nothing is wrong with breaking your shell every now and then or expanding your comfort zone.

But never be hard on yourself regarding anything that is about you. Whether it is internal or external. Cease negative mind control, accept yourself, and forgive yourself if you have to.

Life is to sweet to be unhappy with yourself or to want so badly what others have that you can’t find happiness and contentment.



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