Morning Message, I think I will start doing these!

Morning Message

On my other blog “House of Empowerment”, which I run with another wonderful female writer by the name of Khanyisile (hailing from South Africa) we are currently on the theme of opportunity.

Which I believe opportunity is fun, relatable, and very relevant. Opportunity deals with time. That is being on time.

Think about it. If you are not on time you have high chances (1/2 at least) of missing the opportunity that wants you or the opportunity you may want.

How bad do you want it?

Which brings into question: How do we know whether someone is genuinely interested in an opportunity? In other words, how bad do you want this?

If you want something really bad, and will not take no for answer the wisest advice is to be on time.

Say you try hard as you can, but you are still late to the meeting or opportunity. There are a few signs you should pay attention to. Because being late is a negative habit to carry.

Main Message

Be on time. Be on time with yourself. Don’t be the last to know or don’t wander in uncertainty. We must not lose ourselves in this crowded world. Once you are on time with yourself you can be on time with others and all the other opportunities God may have for you. This ideology has served me full platters lately.



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