Saturday Shout out!!

Hello MR Community, Friends, and Facebook..

The weirdest thing just hit me.

I have been out of whack concerning the calendar since I returned home from my vacation in Houston, Texas.

It doesn’t feel like it is all my fault since Texas was an hour behind in time, and my phone spent like a whole day being on the wrong time once back home.

Anyways, now I am on my way to getting back on track.

In these Saturday Shout outs (for those who are new to my website or MentorshipRevolution) I take generous time to recognize, appreciate, and cater to those who have been supporting and participating in the MR Community.

There are three core ways you can approach MentorshipRevolution:

1) As a Business.

2) As an Organization.

3) As a Community.

Most often I refer to us as a community and an organization, but I must not forget to inform you all that MentorshipRevolution is an established business..

As an 18 year old college student ( the age when I started MR) I decided to invest the funds I had or could have access to ( a few hundred dollars, an act of faith) into starting something that I was passionate about, and something which I knew other people would be blessed by and benefited by..

But in all respects and to the glory of God he gave me the vision, and that is why I know MentorshipRevolution doesn’t have to worry about failure.

In today’s Saturday Shout out let’s recognize Joanne Absolom.

I am not sure how familiar Joanne Absolom is with MentorshipRevolution, or whether she has even signed up and became a member yet.

But I do know she has done a special act of kindness for this community.

She left a recommendation on Mentorship ( our Facebook page)!

The first recommendation I have had so far..

Do you guys understand that this small act is enough to accelerate and accumulate good things for the future of MentorshipRevolution?

I didn’t build this platform to talk to myself, or to leave it sitting and untouched.

This platform was built to help sustain the lives and minds of people living in the 21st century and the days to come.

So, if you will you can leave a recommendation on Mentorship Facebook page also.

Then I will feature you in a Saturday Shout friends and family☺

This is the beautiful recommendation Joanne left.

Thank you Joanne for the recommendation, and I pray God blesses you for blessing MentorshipRevolution in a stand out way.

You all we are moving forward in a mighty special way individually, and collectively.



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