Lunch With A 5 Year Old. Very Fun.


Are you all having a good day so far?

I have been spending the day with my 5 year old cousin Daijah!

Kids are very energetic and have nonstop expectations, lol.

But that is partly why I have enjoyed keeping her throughout this day.

Right now we are having lunch time, or she just finished her lunch.

Is it surprising that she wants more lunch?

While eating her specially made lunch she has been watching this show called T.O.T.S.

Spending time with children can be an opportunity to have fun, let down your guard, be a teacher and learn from their childlike nature at the same time.

Here is Daijah’s cool lunch she just finished eating today:

This plate was made for people just her size, lol.

I felt I could share these sweet moments with the world and those who are able to see them.

Have a great day!



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