Welcome to Heritage International Ministries! (Where I Lounged over the Weekend)

Good morning fellow peeps!

Hopefully your day is rocking to the right tune.

I am not fully up yet to be honest, but I have been very busy in the last few weeks and God knows that. Lol.

This weekend I was in Charlotte, NC (Fort Mills, South Carolina to be exact) and I had arrived and was there more than a few hours when I begin to realize I was staying at the famous Heritage International Ministries.

While I haven’t been able to conduct the full research yet that I do want to on this entity and place I now know that Heritage International Ministries (Which was Heritage USA when they owned the building, but the name was changed) was founded by the well known tele-evangelist and married couple at the time Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Baker.

Together this couple also started and hosted the PTL show (PTL standing for Praise The Lord or People That Love).

Heritage was actually a water themed park and residential complex it was first built in 1978, but it would all decline by 1989 as things unraveled for the Bakker’s and the “Christian Empire” they sought to form and sustain.

It is certainly a story of how even Christians can fail to heed the wisdom of God, and as the Holy word says “The love of money is the root of all evil” (not the money itself, but the way we make it God and worship it)”.

Here are a few pictures of Heritage USA , some of them show it at its highest and some show it at its lowest:

During its fall from grace there was scandals, stints for money from the people, and the declaring of bankruptcy.

In 2004, Morning Star Ministries would take over and this is what we see represented today in the present day of Heritage International Ministries.

You all I enjoyed the three days I stayed at HIM.

Thank you Greg for feeling the need to invite me!

I have only been part of Intervarsity for a year, and I am now going into my second year of college still apart of this on campus ministry that reaches out to those who are in similar situations such as myself.

While there I had a time in between the scheduled days and plans to take a few snapshots, and I am sharing for the first time on my very own website! (Thank God for this opportunity)!

Here are the pictures:

And last but not least, I must give you one of myself, right? Lol.

wherever I go, whenever I please. That takes confidence

If you want to become a member of MentorshipRevolution I invite you to join this community of mind and life giants!

We are 21st century humans who are still grounded in what matters.

I love you all, blessings☺


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