You Can Do It, You are Unstoppable!


I have been kind of more m.i.a for a while, and that is because since Thursday I have been spiritually fasting ( though I haven’t quit regular meals throughout the day).

As I have previously announced I am currently attending Launch Intervarsity, and staying at Heritage International Ministries (Charlotte,NC)

For those familiar with Heritage International Ministries located in Charlotte, NC the history behind this place of existence is astounding and noteworthy.

It includes God’s grace, his power, his authority, his judgement, and in all of the back story it can’t be left ignored that God reveals the truth in every situation.

I was informed of the story behind the place I have been visiting since Thursday by Greg, who oversees the Intervarsity chapter on my college’s campus Lenoir Rhyne University.

Jimmy Baker and Tammy Faye Baker had a vision going back a while ago, and the televangelists would create Heritage International Ministries.

Anyway, I would love to elaborate more on the learning and adventures I have been having here so far, but I have an evening message for you today!

You Can Do It, You are Unstoppable!

As church people say “If you are living and breathing God isn’t finished with you yet”!

God has the final say in whether you live a great life or not.

Not any enemy, family member, child, or spouse.

So, let’s all start thinking about the infinite opportunities and blessings God in his goodness will give you access to.

Decide today for the rest of August that you will join this community MentorshipRevolution as we are in the admist of Affirmation Series 9: You Can Do It.

Leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible to help you become a valid part of MR’s Affirmation Series.

Love you all.

Blessings❤ Hannah


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