Greetings: I am visiting Charlotte, NC!

Good early morning.

I am currently vacationing in Charlotte, NC for Launch Intervarsity.

I arrived yesterday night around 7:30 with the elderly leader Greg of the Intervarsity on my college campus.

So, what is Intervarsity? To sum it up quick and fast it is simply a Christian’s ministry that many colleges have on there campus for college students to join.

It is very important for some of us to maintain our heritage as Christians even when we become adults, and decide college is apart of our calling.

I have been in Intervarsity for about a year now, and I am steady growing more familiar with all that it means and stands for.

Right now I am super busy in my life, but serving God is my first job.

This event will last till the 11th so my schedule for the next few days will be alot more rigorous.

Then it is time to head back to Lenoir Rhyne University.

I am glad about all God is doing in all areas of my life, but I feel like a kid returning to school when I was younger. A little restless, anxious, and full of unexpected emotions.

I pray each one of you have a triumphant day, and be full of blessings.



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