I am booking for those in need of a mentor☺ (Calendar here)

More exciting good news!!

I have finally been able to create a booking calendar for all those who will choose to participate in MentorshipRevolution’s New Mentor Program.

It is so exciting as I travel this journey of faith, community, mentorship, and entrepreneurship.

Every bit is paying off, and God is using little old me.

That is all that matters at the end of the day.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Charlotte NC for that three day event I been talking about lately.

Keep me in your prayers and well wishes!

Here is the link to that calendar for you to book a mentor session ( congrats if it is your first!): https://sagenda.net/Frontend/5d4b4c112064db8114b613a1

By the way we offer our first mentor session for 30 mins free of charge.

Take advantage of this summer grand deal☺



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