Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do it! Introduction

Good morning, Good morning.

Today’s question for the day: What is your favorite way to start the day?

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It is very easy and simple friends.

In August we will focus on how we can do anything.

That is, you can do it!

I don’t know everything, and I am not there with you in your life exactly where you are right now but I believe in you.

I believe in the best in you, and I want you to live your best life.

It is the chain effect.

I believe in you and you believe in me. I care about you and you care about me. I love you and you love me.

Isn’t that the Barney song from our childhood?

Here is the link to that lovely and happy song we all have singed at least once:

Go listen to that song.

Feel the happy feelings, cherish the images being shown, and remember how life once was.

Together we will walk this path and I know we can do it.

Whatever it is.

Whatever opportunities we are prepared.

We can do the work, we can do the job, we can serve, and we can step up as we need to.

The world needs you, and those who know you need you.

In some ways that mean I need you.

You don’t have to do life alone.

Losing all childlike imagination, playtime, and the strength to face your fears.

I am going to produce more content, materials, resources, videos, and audio this month for this specific Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It.

If only you guys knew how excited I am inside and outside about being able to lead and create change for better minds, lives, and a better world.

Hopefully I can collaborate more with other people, leaders, and content creators.

This is part of each one of us being enlightened, but I still want us to have fun during such an enlightenment process!

There is nothing wrong with fun, right?

We got this!



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