By the time you see this…

Hello MR Community, Family, and Friends ( back to the old intro)

I hope you all have started August with a bang💥

This girl is back in the country, and I am settling in as fast as I can.

I brought back alot of supplies and goodies from Houston, Texas so unpacking will take a few days.

Today I tried best I could to record an unboxing video, which I will kindly share on this platform.

It is an unwrapping of a box delivered to me from Getschooled, which is a non-profit organization I have been partnering with and supporting for the last three years ( Going back to my high school sophomore days!).

I will post the links to that organization in another upcoming post also.

My normal schedule of posting will likely begin to change up since I am preparing to return back to university on the 20th of this month, I am taking advantage of alot of opportunities in my personal life, and I have started a joint blog with Khanyisile.

The blog I recently started with Khanyisile ( less than a week ago) is “The House of Empowerment”.

Here is the link:

We both are co-founders of this blog, and the way we connected is a way that is intentional on both sides.

Khanyisile who lives in South Africa ( shout out to my family and friends in South Africa👏) followed this website/blog MentorshipRevolution.

I proceeded by putting her name in a Saturday Shout out, and she immediately commented with interest in moving forward as partners.

See how God uses us for his divine purpose and will?

The first blog published so far was written by Khanyisile, and here is the link for you to read it:

She decided to write about how everyday in August ( which is 31 days) represent a day of opportunity.

I couldn’t agree more.

Tomorrow I will be spending time with the grands, and then in a few days I will be participating in this wonderful three day event that consists of a launch for Intervarsity ( a Christian Ministries I joined via my college’s campus).

I will be staying in a hotel, and I wish I could vlog during the experience since I am adding YouTube to my list of pursuits now.

In August you know what it is time for.

Announcement begins: In August we will be doing Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It.

Sounds good?

It will be.



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