Saturday Shout out!

Hello everyone!

I hope your day has been upright thus far.

In the beginning I planned this to be a morning post, but anyway it is being posted.

I am currently on my third day of vacation in Houston, Texas.

It has been a breeze, and I am very happy God has allowed me to be here.

Today I have another Saturday Shout out!

Saturday Shout outs were created to recognize publicly those who join, coexist, participate, support, and appreciate MentorshipRevolution.

For this Saturday Shout out I will be recognizing three individuals ( Instead of just one person).

The first person I want to recognize is a brand new follower and supporter of MR.

His name is Aareon Weis, and he is an established writer and blogger himself. Make sure you check him out and see if you want to follow and support his journey.

Welcome Aaron to MentorshipRevolution, and thank you for being touched enough to want to join this community and all we do. It may seem small and minute, but it matters. It really does.

The second person I want to recognize today is a woman who respected me and what I am doing regarding MR enough to reach out on Facebook.

Her name is Ashley Nicole. She reached out to me a few days ago because she was surfing through MentorshipRevolution’s Facebook page, and she had questions.

So she did what I think is the best thing anyone interested should do; she reached out and asked questions!

I love answering you all questions about this business, organization, and community.

As the founder it is my job and responsibility to have the answers and to do my best transferring them to those God allow to come this way.

I don’t want to give TMI, but Ashley Nicole has this wonderful platform age has created and she wants more people to be made aware of: It is known as InspireCreativeRevolution.

We will be collaborating in the near future so if you can take a few minutes to visit her Facebook page, and see if you want to stay posted on all she aspires to do.

Welcome Ashley to MR Community, and thanks for taking interest and reaching out!

The last person I will be recognizing today is Ashley Caulk.

She also supported me on Facebook by sharing MentorshipRevolution.

That counts along guys.

I have been preaching this since the beginning of 2019..

We are not a one man’s business, we are an organization and community.

Thank you Ashley for courageously sharing MR’s platform, and may God bless your small act of kindness.

This has been the longest Saturday Shout out I have ever written, but that tells me I am gaining more supporters and more members of this wonderful community.

Thank God!

By the way you can always contact MentorshipRevolution through our Facebook page or through email by emailing



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