Greetings: Thank God it’s Saturday!

Good morning everybody.

Today is Saturday, and that is a reason to celebrate.

As you all should know I am in Houston, Texas on vacation right now.

There is another blog coming about how I spent my second day while on vacation.

Can you guess what I did?

I have been enjoying myself and being spoiled by my father☺

August I return to Lenoir Rhyne College for my second year as a college student, but the good news is that I am already a junior.

I really like my school and I am seeing the elevation and growth during this season in and out.

I am very excited to be living in my very own first apartment, and this time I can expect to have a roommate.

God has been blessing me, and I have 0 complaints ( and I am learning everyday that worrying is pointless)!

I will only be in Houston Texas for a week so I am living in every moment, and reaping the benefits of time off from school/studies.

There was something I heard yesterday that I want to quote: “We go from thing to thing and accomplishment to accomplishment but we forget to celebrate. By us forgetting to celebrate we are subconsciously telling ourselves what we do doesn’t matter”.

Hopefully this quote touched your heart and inspired you to celebrate the life you have.

Enjoy this good morning post!

I created a good morning post yesterday! Here is the link to that direct post:

I pray you all have a wonderful and peaceful day!


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