MentorshipRevolution Weekly Challenge (9): Leave the rest.

Good morning and hello everyone!!!

This morning I am kind of up per usual.

My days will be back busier in a few due to my anticipated traveling and fly to Houston Texas.

I have become very fond of Houston in the last 2 years since I have had the opportunity to visit often and this is my third fly there and fly back.

Wish me well as I travel and look forward to a fun and blessed trip!

I will hopefully share in some of the journey with you guys ( as much as I possibly can afford).

This morning I bring you a new weekly challenge.

I challenge you to detach from any negative feelings, people, or places.

Everyone knows in the month of July I have been made the detachment process MR’s central theme, and for this last week that will continue.

The summer is often our favorite season because we take our longest breaks from work and school.

This allows us to take yearly trips and vacation while celebrating holidays like July 4 and cooking out with family and friends.

It is kind of convenient that the season I am challenging you to detach all month in is Summer.

I know once August is here I will not be able to detach much again for almost another year.

So maybe this event and challenge is convenient for me too.

Detach from all the bad news (TV), overly sensitive politics, social media, and things that cause irritation for the rest of this week.

There is never anything wrong with good old living!


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