The Detachment Process Bundle Package Release ( Now!)

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends, and Family!

I hope your day has been going good thus far.

These summer days are becoming a blur.

In a few days I go out of town for my trip to Houston Texas, which I am very excited about.

While staying with my family in Houston Texas I will also be going to an Iyanla Vanzant tour show!

I have read Iyanla’s books, I have watched her show, and I love her as a speaker.

If you want to see more about my trip to Texas let me know, because I can do blogging and vlogging while I am there.

Sometimes doing certain things I would love to do is impossible because I don’t have a second hand man that can assist me in maintaining this website, recording videos ( my new thing!), and making radio.

All of these are tasks that must be done as smooth and presentable as possible.

Speaking of, I have everything ready now for release regarding The Detachment Process!

Let me share with you (just a little bit) in my excitement what I have compiled for those who are interested in this month’s materials of the Affirmation Series:

– Assertive Affirmations

– Guide to Enhancing Vocabulary (Or Anything ): A walk through the Detachment Process

– 15 ways and reasons to enjoy and embrace the detachment process

-The Truth about detachment

– The Detachment Process Journal 1

I may release more content, resources, and materials along the way for this affirmation series, but July will be over before you know it.

If I do decide to share any of these for free I will post it on the website, but I highly doubt it.

If you don’t quite know how to receive your bundle package contact!

Also I have still elaborated on the detachment process in thorough detail in other posts I posted this month.

If you want to see what that is all about you can surf through the website anytime.

I am excited about the shift that has occurred in MentorshipRevolution!

Let’s keep moving forward to better things.



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