Greetings: The start of something new📻

Good morning MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends, and Family!

I have been on the grind this summer regarding MR haven’t I?

This week I need to release a few episodes for The MR Podcast, and I think I might as well dedicate it to the detachment process.

This month’s Affirmation Series Part 8 has been focused on unraveling the detachment process, and in case we have overlooked the value of detachment.

If you would love to be part of an affirmation series ( which MR has the best one you will find on the net!) I invite you to join this community because our affirmation series is very original, prestigious, and authentic.

Look over this website and you can find many materials and resources that can guide you through the series we have successfully completed so far.

Here is a quick outline and review of MR’s Affirmation Series, which was established in 2018.

  1. The I in Identity

2. I can, I will

3. The Power of Identity

4. I am Love

5. Live Your Truth

6. The Process of Maturity

7. Know Thyself

8. The Process of Detachment

Today’s announcement is I am ready to release all the content, resources, and materials in the package that can be purchased for MR’s Affirmation Series Part 8: The Detachment Process!

I have really dedicated myself this month to the shift and expansion regarding my vision with MentorshipRevolution.

Have a great day, and be on the lookout for today’s release!

Remember it is $25 if you haven’t purchased the Affirmation Series Package yet for July on forward of 2019.

Here is the link for you to purchase now:



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