Saturday Shout Out!

It has been awhile since I have done one of the Saturday Shout Outs!

That is why this one is special and exciting to do at this moment.

A little small fact. This morning I awoke to find that this website/blog had a brand new follower and supporter!

When you decide to follow this website/blog you are more than a follower.

The courage to follow this blog speaks bold statements ( about who you are).

You are now a member of MR Community, a supporter, like mind, and one that has been led here by divine design.

Everyone help me shout out a new follower and community member by the name of Nyanee! @Nyanee

Nyanee welcome to MentorshipRevolution! You are now one of us and we excited to have you along with us on the journey.

The mission of MentorshipRevolution is to help sustain minds and lives in today’s world ( the 21st century and going forward).

No one can do such a task like that alone, and this is why I emphasize support and community.

We are individuals, but we are collective individuals.

By the way as the picture shows Nyanee even has her own blog that she is operating, and in her own words she wants to empower other people.

I support you Nyanee👏

Below I am attaching the link to her blog so all of that will can enjoy her content and follow her:

Imagine your ending…

This was today’s Saturday Shoutout, and I look forward to doing a lot more of these in the near future.


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