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Yall, I finally updated The MR Podcast main profile picture!

I present to you The MR Podcast new podcast image ( above).

I promised this summer I wouldn’t play and games with the production of my podcast, and I really meant it.

Here are some milestones I am excited to share that The MR Podcast has reached:

1. We went from no followers to 18 in only 3 months.

2. My podcast is now distributed beyond Spreaker on Spotify, I heart Radio, Castbox, and Google Podcasts.

3. I have perfected my script, and I have networked and collaborated with other like minded business people and entrepreneurs.

Now I will try to begin practice creating a recording routine and schedule, which isn’t easy in my life at this moment.

I hope that you will tune into The MR Podcast, and I will share the links with you to listen and follow below:

Tune into The MR Podcast🔊


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