The MR Podcast🔊

The MR Podcast is finally coming along the way I want and need it to.

I suddenly decided in December 2018 that I should create my own podcast.

After listening and subscribing to several hundred other podcasts I found that there was 0 reasons I couldn’t have my own podcast.

It was a revelation.

You guys we can all take action and be like the very people we have watched and admired.

There is room for each one of us to be successful.

But our world has a greed problem, and that greed problem will always come back to haunt us individually and collectively.

As the founder and main speaker/voice for The MR Podcast I pray for my radio show to be original, unique, and inspiring.

It is that simple.

Please go follow The MR Podcast if you haven’t.

Here is the link:

I am trying to balance my new life, and that involves me finding time to record new and fresh perspective episodes.

You are invited to walk along with me while I am on this journey, and to become a force in this journey☺

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