Good Morning & Don’t forget to take a moment and detach!

Good morning MR Community, Friends, and Family!

How have your mornings been going lately?

Mines- fast but I am filling my days with joy and purpose.

We all can do that, right?

Don’t forget to detach this morning.

I have a morning ritual and I can admit sometimes sticking to it isn’t always easy.

I have found myself on social media a lot lately, and though that is partly because I operate an entire business I still don’t want to be attached to all the stress, drama, and negative thoughts social media can bring.

That is why I have made my Facebook page only available to my friends vs open to the public, which I didn’t mind that idea for the last 10 years.

Well, social media is totally different than when I joined in 2008 and I have to protect my business and demand privacy.

That is what detachment is all about.

We have to keep up those walls that offer us safety and comfort.

Sometimes we have to bend our comfort zones, but it isn’t healthy to constantly bend ourselves beyond repair.

If you haven’t joined this month’s Affirmation Series Part 8: The Detachment Process I am sending you a personal invitation!

It will be worth your time, and you will walk away with greater peace and proper understanding on detachment ( which we don’t talk about that much throughout our day).


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