What I am currently doing..

Hello! I am back. That is back for a cause.

Guess what I am doing. I am currently working on content, materials, and resources for this month’s Affirmation Series Part 8: The Detachment Process.

Sounds exciting, right?

In the beginning of this month I spoke about the shift occurring at MentorshipRevolution.

Well, I am offering you a grand deal worth considering.

$25 for July’s Affirmation Series and the rest to come in 2019.

Previously the affirmation series were all free, but I am now moving things up a little.

Hopefully I can release exactly what I have been working within the next day or so.

It is smoking 💥

By the way I release wonderful SuperSoulSunday commentary not to long ago.

Please make sure you check up on it, and I also shared it on The MR Podcast.

Here is the link for you to listen and follow for all the wonderful things to come: https://www.spreaker.com/user/10695358


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