2019 Primeday📨

Hello MR Community, Friends, and Family!

It is SuperSoulSunday, and I am not coming to play.

I want to share with you Prime Day.

This event starts July 15 and will last until July 16.

The bargains and deals on both Prime days are what you should look forward to, and all things such as furniture, technology, and house goods are involved.

If you have yet to join Amazon Prime these days will be the best to do it being you can join for free ( charging after 30 days).

Maybe you need to go shopping, maybe you are super busy with work and taking care of home, or maybe you need to buy a good gift.

An extra fact is that I recently joined Amazon Prime again after having to stop my plan because I am still a 19 year old attending a private college on a budget.

Why did I rejoin?

Because of Amazon Prime Student I am able to have Amazon Prime free of charge for 6 months!

Where was this last year when I was a freshman?

Anyway, I am here today to inform you that there are options to shop online if that is what you need at this time in your life.

Opportunity is still abound.

Extra fact #2: I use to swear in middle school as a 13 year old I would never shop on line.

At the time I had never done online shopping, had never thought about it, and I thought I would never have reason to do it.

Well, life happens and it happened for me.

Be blessed this Sunday, and be on the lookout for MR’s SuperSoulSunday❤


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