I have a revelation.

Hi guys! I have never greeted you all that way before. Guess I wanted to break the mold on this Thursday night as nighttime approaches☺

Today from dawn to dusk I worked on creating an essential item to the success of any organization or business. Something I am just officially completing a year after successful business. Which I believe in claiming and affirming.

That is: MR’s Business Plan! Yes, baby. Yes, honey child.

I think it is time to make this revelation. I am going to debut premiere any time now in 2019 MentorshipRevolution’s business plan.

It is completed, and I want all community members, supporters, participants, and like minds to be able to view it and assess it.

I have an interesting story time behind me creating my first business plan at the tender age of 15.

Yes, this is part of my purpose everyone. I went to an early college highschool, which pretty much jumpstarted my entire life.

So, I created my first business plan at the age of 15 years old, and I still have a copy till this day. I would have been a fool to throw that bad boy away.

The business plan was based on my imaginary business at that time ( really instead of imaginary I should be saying visualized business), which I named Love&Toddlers.

I honestly wouldn’t mind starting a business by the name of Love&Toddlers during my lifetime.

If you are ready to see MR’s official business plan I need you all to get this specific post to at least 5 likes!



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