MR’s Weekly Challenge 7

Hi MR Community, Friends, and Family!

Right now as I come to you I am the gym (Please pray for me).

I am excited to be starting a new week fresh.

By the way I hope you are too!

Many of you know my age, and that I am 19 years old.

Well, I want to tell you all that being 19 is such a great feeling.

The feeling of entering the adult world after paying your respects for so long is oh so nice.

As all my older people know along with freedom is responsibility that a teenager has to get use to.

But I am happy with my adjustment, and I know God will not fail me.

Are you ready for a new weekly challenge?

Challenges keep us from becoming old, mundane, and boring. In this life we all fear becoming old, mudane, and boring right?

Well, thanks to MentorshipRevolution you will not be in that box today or any other day..

This week I challenge you to……

I challenge you to make a new friend.

Childhood (sniffles).

On Monday in the most unexpected place ( a food place) I met a new friend.

She was working and I was there as a customer.

There is a lot of dialogue in the midst of our small but beautiful meeting, but in the end we exchanged numbers and followed each other on Instagram.

That sounds like the 21st century social media age fairytale friendship right?

I ask you to meet a new friend and not one on social media, but somewhere out there in the busyness of what you call your life.

New relationships bring the most excitement, thrills, and wonder.

For real! I am speaking from experience.

Go make a new friend this week and while there with your friend put them on to MentorshipRevolution! Tell them the founder has a special seat just for them in this community☺

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