Get Schooled Unwrapping: Get free stuff just for completing badges.

In this video fam and community members I unwrap my get schooled gifts ( which I received in the mail today, I guess today was my lucky day☺). The gifts include a notepad/pen and taco bell gift card! All for free guys.

I could speak for days how much i love and appreciate my fellow organization Get Schooled. For 3 years I have been a partner and member with them- joining my sophomore year of high school. Even now in college I still have a great relationship and support system with Get Schooled.

Get Schooled is a non-profit organization, and this is part of the reason why they are even more amazing. Make sure you watch the video of the unwrapping, and I have a few helpful pics I am going to post below( plus the link to their website so you can sign up- everything, I repeat everything is free in the process).

The link:


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